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Why your Wedding Day Make Up Costs a premium

  • Why is it that as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned, the price doubles?

  • How much for a bit of makeup?!

  • I only want a soft look. Can I get a discount?

  • Why is wedding makeup more expensive than special occasion makeup?

Have any of these thoughts crossed your mind when in conversation with a wedding make up artist?

As with all industries, the cost of wedding make up can vary artist to artist, but what if I told you that the artist that you are considering hiring that you may consider as ‘expensive’, is not expensive?

Within this piece, I am keen to dispel the belief that wedding day make up is expensive by educating you on what makes up the cost of wedding make up.

Why do make up artists charge what they do?

Your chosen make up artist cannot charge by the hour, your price will bare all of the following in mind:

  1. Their Experience and Education

  2. The Event Time, Date & Location – Does the event run over unsociable hours? Will they be able to slot in two events that day or just one? Is this a last minute booking?

  3. Their Availability – Are they in high demand?

  4. Service Type & Process – Is this a bespoke package? Are specific items needed that the mua wouldn’t usually have?

  5. Their Tools (Usually a large make up kit filled with luxury products)

  6. It’s Your Wedding Day, and not just another day!

Make up artists block out days, weekends and weeks in their diary months and sometimes years in advance for your wedding day. Once these dates have been locked in we are committed to your date, regardless of any matters that arise in our personal lives. As there are only 52 weekends in the year, there is often high demand for the same dates so while you’re hesitating to make the investment, another bride may have already stolen your slot!

Fully focused on you

With many weddings requiring us to have you ready by set times, this requires frequent early wake up calls and start times. To ensure my focus is fully on you for the day and you do not at all feel rushed, I pride myself on not taking on more than one wedding booking a day and providing you with an exclusive service where I stay with you until you are ready.

Our role goes beyond just applying your make up. We are therapists, friends, seamstresses, babysitters and personal assistants to name a few. My job is not simply just to apply your make up, but to be your hype woman, help to calm your nerves and to be by your side as you step into the biggest day of your life.

Weddings are incredibly time sensitive and require precise scheduling to ensure things run without a hitch on the day and you can just focus on enjoying your wedding morning with your party. We work closely with you to understand all your timings for your day, anything which might be taking place on the morning we need to account for such as a dress reveal or gifting Bridesmaids presents. We also work with your hairstylists to create a schedule that ensures everything can be completed on time.

Wedding services are not charged by the hour. Behind bringing a professional service to you is administration, producing contracts and invoices, emailing, checking and cleaning our professional make up kit.

This is work that takes place behind the scenes from the moment you choose me to glam you to the morning of your big day.

Barbara Ayisi’s Bespoke Wedding Day Make Up Service

I offer a bespoke wedding make up service as unique as you. I take the time to understand exactly what you are after for your big day and this is often tweaked from the start of the booking to the finish. I love to be on hand for my brides for any questions they might have around the service, any changes to the look, arranging additional wedding make up trials and for skincare and product advice. All this additional support is offered well before you sit in the chair on your wedding day. The service you receive on your day may be a minimum hour and a half (with the exception of additional top ups or change of looks if you want these), however your Make Up Artist has trained for many years to provide this service and many continue to invest into additional training to ensure we are up to date on the latest techniques and can bring you the best application and service possible.

When booking your make up artist, understanding that Wedding Make up is not expensive, but a luxury service with a lot behind the make up application itself is key. This is not just any day, but your special day where you will look back on photos in years to come and the goal is to help you feel your most beautiful. Your make up artist will be doing their utmost to ensure this is the case from start to finish.

Would you like me to save your date? Get in touch for an initial consultation.

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