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The Ultimate Guide to False Lashes

With Christmas and New Year events and parties just around the corner, you might be searching for the best way to add drama to your make up looks.

If this is the case, you’re in luck! Within this piece, I share all you need to know about false lashes – one of my favourite ways as a professional make up artist to instantly glam up any make up look. And answer all of your questions, including but not limited to: “how to choose the right lash style for me”, "how to apply false lashes", "are false lashes comfortable" and "will false lashes make me look like a reindeer" (definitely not). So that within just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to apply false eyelashes with confidence and ease every single time!

How do I select the right eyelash style for me and my eye shape?

Contrary to popular opinion, there really is a false lash to suit everyone – yes, even you… the one who wears glasses, the one who is getting married, the one who has never worn lashes before and the one that can’t leave the house without lashes on.

The best lash style for opening up the eyes

If you are a confident lash wearer and love creating dramatic make up looks or are someone with a large eye space, opt for a fuller lash. A fuller lash is the best lash style for opening up the eyes. Primalash’s Sis and Famous are both well-loved by my clients.

The most flattering lash style

Wispier gappy lash styles are the most flattering lash style. This is because eyeshadow can still be seen through the lashes. Wispier gappy lashes compliment people with a small eye space or hooded eyes. Like a full lash, a wispy lash will open up the eyes.

The most comfortable lashes (perfect for brides)

Individual lashes are a fantastic choice as you can start small and build them up, creating a custom look just for you. Individual lashes feel weightless on the eye, which is perfect for people who don’t like the feeling of a strip lash on the eyes or simply aren't used to wearing lashes. My go-to individual lashes are the Primalash Knot-free Cluster Lash Extensions in Natural, and the Primalash Knot Free Cluster Lash Extensions in Double Volume. I opt for the Double Volume individual lashes when I’m looking to create a more volumized and wispy look on my client.

The best lashes to wear with glasses

Petite lash styles, like Primalash Petite Lash # P503, are an excellent choice for people who wear glasses or simply prefer a more natural look.

The best lashes for beginners

If you are not used to wearing false lashes, I would recommend opting for a lash with an invisible lash band for comfort. A lot of the Primalash lashes, such as Primalash Petite Lash #P502, are available with a clear lash band.

The best lashes for hooded eyes

Another popular option is the demi lash (otherwise known as a corner lash). A corner lash, like Primalash #overyou, is perfect for creating that winged, lifted, cat eye finish. It’s also a great option for a smaller or hooded eye as it creates the illusion of a larger eye.

How do I pick the right lash glue?

When it comes to lash glue, there are endless options. As a professional make up artist, one of my firm favourites is the Duo Strip Lash Adhesive (White) Duo Striplash Glue. The glue applies white, but turns clear once dry. And once dry, your lashes will not budge all day or night.

Another lash adhesive I turn to regularly for clients is the Eldora Brush on Lash Adhesive. This is a great option for people with sensitive eyes, as it is latex free and waterproof.

I have selected my false lashes and got my glue, but how do I apply them?

Preparation Step 1: Making sure your lashes blend in

Before applying your false lashes, I recommend applying a thin line of black gel, liquid or pencil liner along your lash line, followed by a coat of black mascara to your own lashes. This step will help the lashes blend in with your lashline.

Preparation Step 2: Removing your lashes from their packaging

One complaint I often hear from clients is that their lashes have broken before they have even started. The way the lashes are removed from the tray is key to preserving the lashes. Using the Tweezerman Lash Assist, ease the lash out of the tray from one end of each lash to the other gently. Once you have done this for each lash, lay each lash down in order from left to right. Pulling the lashes from the middle of the tray is guaranteed to break them.

Preparation Step 3: Fitting your strip lashes

Measuring a striplash against your eye length is also important to ensure a comfortable fit. When you wear lashes that are too long for your eyes, you will find that once glued the lashes will lift from the inner corners. To do this, place the striplash against the eyes using your tweezers (used in step 2) and cut any excess lash from the outer edge.

The best way to apply false lashes

Apply a thin line of glue along the strip of your lashes and hold for between 60 seconds to a few minutes, until it gets tacky. This is a really important step in lash application. The tackier the glue, the better. If the glue is too wet when applying, the lash will slide everywhere – not ideal! The good news with most clear glues is that on application you do have time to move them around to fit whilst the glue is tacky. When applying your false lashes, the best things to do is look down into a mirror close up if possible, and apply the lashes using the Tweezerman Lash Assist, focusing on one eye at a time. Angle the striplash at 45 degree angle, fixing the centre down and then the inner and outer edges. This is to make sure your false lashes sit directly on your lash line once placed. Use your Tweezerman Lash Assist to gently press your lashes and the false lashes together gently for a seamless finish.

When applying your false lashes, patience and practice are key for flawless results.

Try this technique the next time you are applying your false lashes for guaranteed ease of application and flawless, long lasting results every single time.

How do I apply individual lashes?

Individual lashes are a great choice as you can customise them using different lengths to create a look of your choice whether this be a full set of lashes applied across the whole eye, a few on the outer corners or throughout your lashes to create a feathered look. Individual lashes are weightless when applied making them a great choice if you are new to lashes and or in a hurry. A few added on the outer corners of each eye can elevate your look. Individual lashes are popular for brides too as they are natural looking Primalash Knot Free Cluster Lash Natural are a great choice as the tips of each lash do not have a knot at the root of the cluster enabling for a more seamless application. You will find people can’t tell you have lashes on!

Prior to applying individual lashes, apply a drop of Duo Strip Lash Adhesive Clear to a palette and allow this to get tacky. Whilst doing this, curl your lashes gently with the Tweezerman Eyelash Curler to open the eyes and lift the lashes. Apply a coat of mascara and then select the lashes you would like to use. Individual lashes are available in short, medium and long lengths.

To create a gradient effect, you can select a couple of each length and work from longer on the outer corner to medium and short in the inner corner, dipping each lash in the glue on your palette and placing it directly onto your lash. I recommend doing the same on each eye at the same time to achieve the same look on each eye. So for example, if you start by placing one medium length individual on your right eye, follow this by applying the same on your left eye, before continuing with your right eye and so on and so forth.

Once you have applied your individual lashes and are happy with the finish, leave these to dry for a few minutes. Then, use your lash curlers to gently curl the lashes to make the individual lashes blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes. Be careful to only do this when the lashes are fully dry to avoid pulling them out with the lash curlers when you go to curl again.

How do I remove my false lashes when the party is over?

So you’re back home from your event and your false lashes stayed put all night long. Great job! But now how can you remove them without damaging your natural lashes…

Strip lash removal

To remove your strip lashes, pull them slowly from the outer corner of your eye across.

Please note: There may be some lash glue residue left on your natural lashes. This is normal and can be removed using a waterproof make up remover. You can gently pull any excess adhesive off the strip lash too, so do that instead of throwing them away. If you care for your lashes, many styles can be used up to 25 times!

Individual lash removal

To remove your individual lashes, simply lift them gently one by one from your lashes.

Are there any simpler alternatives to applying false lashes for a complete novice?

A great alternative for lash application is the Just-Wing-It-2-in-1-Lash Adhesive Liner This is a liquid liner which doubles up as a lash glue and is available in black or clear, so once applied, you can stick your lashes straight to the line you have drawn and voila! I love using this when i am travelling or in a hurry for ease.

Follow my tips next time you are adding lashes to your look for a perfect lash application every time.

Lash application is a part of every make up experience I offer, so if you would like to sit back, relax and have your lashes applied by a professional, contact me to book in for your christmas and new year make up appointments. Spaces are limited.

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