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How to declutter your make up

Entering a new year is the perfect time to declutter, and your makeup bag is an excellent place to start. Are there any products in there that you aren’t using or haven’t used for a while? Do you have items past their expiry date? Were there impulse purchases that you are now unsure about? 

In this piece, I will be breaking down my list of hardworking products to invest in for your make up bag and the best way to organise your make up bag for maximum usage. 

Elevate with Skincare 

I cannot emphasise this enough – investing in skincare is the key to achieving flawless makeup. Allow me to share some of my essential skincare must-haves, beginning with face moisturisers:

Don’t underestimate the impact of a quality eye cream. It’s the secret to a smoother, brighter under-eye area, enhancing your concealer’s performance. If you’re indulging now, consider these:

Luscious Lips, All Year Round

For those moments with darker lip shades, dry lips can be unforgiving. Ensure year-round lip perfection by using a lip mask to lock in moisture, followed by the Elizabeth Eight Hour Cream to banish dryness. 

How to organise your makeup bag

When organising your make up bag, start by laying out its entire contents. This visual inventory allows you to access condition and expiration dates. 

To tell if your makeup is expired, check for the little symbol on the back indicating the product’s shelf lie post-opening (e.g., “36M”).

Unearth those neglected products–unopened gems, impulse buys–and strategize their integration into your routine. Transform lipsticks into dual-purpose wonders, doubling up as a splendid cream blush.

Feeling uncertain about a foundation’s colour or coverage? Blend a few drops with an illuminator for a quick skin tint, ensuring a radiant glow on the go.

Embrace the New Year by revitalising your makeup routine. Organising your make up bag isn’t just a task; it’s a beauty ritual. Identify favourites, dust off overlooked treasures, and let this be the year your makeup bag reflects the best version of you. 

For a treasure trove of expert tips and tricks, dive into my other blogs.

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