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Becoming a Makeup Pro: The Insider Tips I Wish I Had

I love helping my clients discover new products and application techniques to get the best out of their makeup; however, this was not always the case.

Did I think my silver eyeshadow was a winner? Absolutely, yes, I did.

However, there are now a few tips I wish I had known before becoming a professional makeup artist. In this piece, I am going to be sharing some of my most important insights.

Moisture Magic: Transforming Your Makeup Game

Beautiful makeup starts with skincare, and this isn't always something I paid attention to. I would apply my makeup without proper skincare prep and wonder why my skin was looking dull. Skincare really is the key to your makeup looking beautiful, and makeup always looks more beautiful on a good canvas. Investing in a good skincare routine and hero products is a must.

The Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched Face Base is a product I swear by. It preps and primes the skin beautifully for foundation application.

If your skin tends to be on the oilier side, the Laura Mercier Mattifying oil free moisturizer is a must. Hydrating the skin while balancing the oils. This is my go-to.

Under-eye cream is a must. A common complaint I often hear is clients struggling with the skin under their eyes creasing when set with powder or their skin in that area looking dull or dry. Using an eye cream helps to combat this, hydrating the under-eye area and promoting a fresher, brighter look. The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched eye base and the Kiehls creamy eye treatment are my go-tos.

Powder Play: Locking in Makeup with Confidence

The type of powder you select and where you place it is crucial. Key areas to focus on are the under-eyes to promote a smoother under-eye area and minimise creasing, and the T-zone areas to minimise shine. However, powder is not something to be afraid of and can help lock the makeup in. Without a doubt, my favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder. It leaves a smoothing, blurring finish. Super stunning and non-cakey!

I adore the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder for setting makeup flawlessly.

Nailing False Lash Application

I used to struggle with false lash application. I cannot stress the importance of letting your lash glue become tacky before lash application, both for individual lashes and strip lashes. This makes the application much easier and allows you to position the lash in place without it moving around too much. The Vieve Lash Applicator is your best friend when it comes to lash application. It can be hard to see what you are doing when using your fingers, so my preference is to use a lash tool where you can easily position your lashes in place. If you are struggling to apply false lashes, I break down everything related to different lash styles and application in my blog on lashes.

Colour Confidence: Find Your Signature Shades

Find the colours that compliment you, and watch your makeup look elevate. As much as I loved my silver eyeshadow, soon after becoming a professional makeup artist, I realised how working with colours that compliment you creates a look that is flattering for you and brings out your best features.

For example, golds, berries, and purples look beautiful on deeper skin tones, and golds make blue eyes pop. Understanding what compliments your skin tone and features makes such a difference to your final look. Experiment with your makeup and find out what you love.

If you are looking for a makeup artist to create your dream elegant makeup look for your special event or wedding day, get in touch.

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